Can a Lawyer Help with an Auto Fraud Case?

Understanding Auto Fraud Cases in Washington

auto dealer fraudAuto dealer fraud cases are prevalent throughout Washington and involve false or misleading representations from an auto dealer about the value or condition of a car that is sold to consumers. A consumer may have a cause of action against the auto dealer if they are the victim of a fraudulent or deceptive practice, such as failing to disclose material defects of the vehicle, altering the history of the vehicle, changing the odometer reading, misrepresenting the warranty remaining on a vehicle or tricking a buyer into unfavorable financing terms.

The reason why a lawyer can be very helpful in assisting you to recover damages against the fraudulent auto dealer is that filing a proper lawsuit requires an in-depth knowledge of the applicable laws and what facts must be alleged against the auto dealer to state a claim. Instead of getting stuck in endless negotiations with a misleading auto dealer, retaining a lawyer can help you reach the point to settlement faster than waiting for a lawsuit to be resolved at trial. There may be some applicable state statutes that allow you to recover the attorneys’ fees you pay from a defendant auto dealer who is found liable for their fraudulent misrepresentations. This means that hiring a lawyer for your auto fraud case may be more convenient and affordable than you thought.

Retaining Competent Mountlake Terrace Washington Fraud Attorneys for Your Auto Fraud Case

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