Mountlake Terrace WA Real Estate Attorney

real estateHaving an experienced Seattle WA real estate attorney working on your behalf during a real estate transaction can prevent you from inadvertently making a mistake that might delay the closing of the transaction or even break the law. At the Law Office of Boris Davidovskiy, we are committed to protecting the best interests of our clients. As professionals specializing in the field of real estate law, we are familiar with all of the rules and regulations pertaining to real estate transactions in Washington. In addition to handling zoning issues, we can also negotiate on behalf of our clients while overseeing the transfer of titles and deeds. Our services also include verifying whether there may be a lien against a property or any other restrictive legal issue or covenant that might affect the usage of the property.

Regardless of whether you are buying or selling real estate, working with a Seattle WA real estate attorney can help you to avoid a number of potential problems while also potentially saving time and money.

Even if you are selling your property as a For Sale by Owner, we advise that you contact us at the Law Office of Boris Davidovskiy prior to listing your home for sale. Failure to add required language to a purchase offer can leave you in a difficult situation. Even real estate documents available online may not always contain the necessary language required by local real estate laws. Trying to save money by doing it on your own could actually cost you money in the end. Let us help you to avoid such potential problems by ensuring that all documents contain required information while also protecting your best interests. Given the large amount of money often on the line in real estate transactions, it is always best to consult an experienced real estate attorney.