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Construction Disputes

When you hire someone to complete a construction project, you expect them to complete the job without defects. A construction defect can create significant issues and decrease the value of the property. Fortunately, there are laws intended to protect persons who fall victim to construction defects. A Mountlake Terrace, WA construction attorney can review your case to determine if there are remedies available.

What is a construction defect?

A construction defect may include design errors, improper or poor materials, and poor workmanship that cause damages (usually financial in nature). Contractors are expected to perform their work in accordance with the agreement of the parties and in a workmanlike manner. When a contractor fails to comply with these standards, then there may be legal remedies available.

What can you do if there is a construction defect?

If you have identified an error that could be considered a construction defect, then you can pursue a claim to recover your damages. You may need a qualified third party to verify and provide an opinion as to the nature of the defect. If the defect has to do with the contractor’s work product, you can generally file a lawsuit against the contractor and the contractor’s surety to try to collect against the bond.

In addition to being bonded, contractors must also carry insurance. If the contractor caused any damage unrelated to the contractor’s work-product, you can often file a claim against the insurance and request reimbursement for the damages you sustained. If insurance is unavailable or the claim cannot otherwise be resolved, you can pursue your claim through a lawsuit. In a lawsuit, you can request payment for your damages or request that the contractor remedy the issue by curing the defect.

How can a Mountlake Terrace construction attorney help?

A construction attorney can provide legal advice and representation to help you pursue your claim. They will advocate on your behalf for a result that is just under the circumstances.

If you have identified a potential construction defect, then contact the Law Office of Boris Davidovskiy to schedule a consultation. The Law Office of Boris Davidovskiy will help you understand your options.