Denied Insurance Claim? What to Do Next

denied insurance claimDid you recently put in a claim for insurance, only to then be denied? If you feel that your claim is legitimate, you don’t have to take their decision lying down. You can seek the assistance of a Lynnwood WA insurance lawyer to get the compensation you are owed. The time to do so is now because your claim may be subject to a statute of limitations.

How Can You File a Claim to Fight Your Insurance Company?

The claim that you filed may have been a personal injury claim. It may have been related to a wrecked car, a storm or fire that destroyed your home, or an accident that resulted in a serious injury. Regardless of the cause, you can contact a Lynnwood WA insurance lawyer to get justice.

Insurance companies are in business to take in money. They are not always willing to hand out money whenever someone files a claim. They may assert that you were late filing your claim or that you showed insufficient evidence to prove that a claim needed to be filed. They may accuse you of deliberately inflating the value of your claim for your own personal gain.

Contact the Law Office of Boris Davidovskiy to Pursue Your Claim

If you encounter this or any other type of resistance from your insurance company, you need to act right away. Your best bet is to contact the Law Office of Boris Davidovskiy, P.C. We can arrange an initial consultation during which we can go over the facts of the case and devise a strategy that will help you position yourself for success.

We will help you assemble the eyewitness statements, medical records, or any other evidence that you need to prove that your need is legitimate. Our goal is to help you get the justice that you deserve for your claim.