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Is a creditor threatening to garnish your wages? If so, you may have a legal recourse. Your best bet is to consult with a Mountlake Terrace Washington lawyer regarding your possible legal options.

What is Garnishment and What Recourse Do You have?

A wage garnishment is an order from a court or a government agency that requires your employer to withhold money from your paycheck for a creditor. In general, the type of debt determines the garnishment amount and the steps a creditor must take before getting it.

Washington wage garnishment laws limit the amount that a creditor can take from your wages for debt repayment. In general, most creditors with a money judgment can take only 25% of your wages. But, for a few debt types, creditors can take more.

In addition, most creditors cannot garnish your wages as soon as you fall behind on a credit card payment or medical bill. These types of creditors must file a lawsuit in court against you for the alleged breach of contract, win, and get a money judgment that you owe the creditor money. There are exceptions, however. Certain creditors such as the government or the parent of your child can generally garnish your wages without a court order or judgment. The types of debts that may qualify for such an exception may include unpaid income taxes; court-ordered child support and arrears, and defaulted student loans.

If you have been threatened to have your wages garnished or have already begun having your wages garnished, it is important that you consult a Washington wage garnishment attorney as soon as possible. Although your employer cannot legally terminate you for having your wages garnished, it can still be extremely embarrassing to have your employer learn of the financial difficulties you have been struggling with.

There are a variety of laws that creditors must follow to garnish someone’s wages. Although you may owe a substantial amount of money, you have rights, as well. A Mountlake Terrace wage garnishment attorney will explore the situation at hand to determine whether the creditor(s) who are garnishing your wages are following the proper procedures and the law.

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