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fair debt collectionDebt collector harassment is illegal. State and federal laws prohibit debt collectors from using harassing, misleading, dishonest, and unfair debt collection practices. These laws provide that victims of debt collector abuse can recover cash compensation from debt collectors and payment of all legal fees. Even if a debtor legitimately owes the money, the debt collector has to treat the debtor with respect.

Still, debt collectors routinely violate state and federal consumer protection laws. They know that the average consumer does not understand the applicable laws. Nor do they believe that, even if consumers understand the laws, consumers know how to enforce them.

Here Are Common Violations Debt Collectors Commit:

  • Contacting an alleged debtor at his or her place of employment after being asked not to.
  • Calling without identifying themselves as debt collectors.
  • Using obscene or profane language.
  • Using or threatening to his violence.
  • Claiming a debtor owes more money than the debtor does.
  • Claiming to be attorneys if they are not.
  • Failing to warn an alleged debtor on every communication that the contact attempt is from a debt collector and that any information obtained will be used to collect a debt.
  • Contacting an alleged debtor before 8 a.m. or after 9 p.m.
  • Notifying anyone about the debt other than the alleged debtor’s spouse.
  • Calling an alleged debtor an unreasonable number of times daily or after being instructed to stop calling.
  • Threatening law suits, garnishments, or any other legal activity.
  • Collecting on the wrong debt amount.
  • Claiming that the debtor will be imprisoned or the debtor’s property will be seized.
  • Adding unauthorized interest, fees, or charges.
  • Collecting and/or reporting on one’s credit, a debt that is not his or hers.
  • Calling an alleged debtor on the cell phone and asking for the wrong person.
  • Falsely threatening to ruin an alleged debtor’s credit.

Law Office Of Boris Davidovskiy, P.C. Fights Back And Makes Debt Collectors Pay You For Their Abusive, Harassing Behavior:

  • Get up to $1,000.oo in statutory damages
  • Get $500.00 – $1,500.00 per call for illegal Robocalls or text messages
  • The debt collector pays all legal fees
  • Get paid for errors on your credit report
  • Free case evaluation

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