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Auto Insurance

Next to our homes, our most valuable and necessary possession is our car.  Without our cars most of us cannot get to work, get groceries, take our kids to school, or do anything that requires transportation. As such, Auto insurance protection is vital for anyone who drives a vehicle in Washington or California. In fact, all states require vehicle owners to carry coverage on their personal vehicles in the event of a calamity. But, many drivers are not sure what their insurance protection entails when purchasing a policy. They are left at a disadvantage in the event of an accident and they need to use the policy. Knowing exactly how your auto policy applies is important to everyone, and sometimes self-assurance is best achieved by discussing auto insurance with an attorney from Boris Davidovskiy, P.C. first.

In addition, far too many auto insurance claims are either denied or underpaid by insurance companies. As a bad faith insurance attorney who handles cases involving denied or underpaid car insurance claims, our firm can discuss some of the different types of auto insurance claims and your options if your claim is denied or underpaid by your insurance carrier as follows.

Liability Level

Insurance policyholders commonly only maintain state minimum requirements when purchasing an auto insurance policy, but that may not be the best decision for an owner who has personal assets that could be taken away in the event an accident: Injured parties can pursue a negligent actor for the remainder of damages when insurance is not sufficient to cover an entire claim. It is, therefore, advisable to reevaluate liability needs at every renewal period.

Personal Injury Protection

All Washington auto insurance companies are required to offer at least $10,000 in PIP coverage when a policy is purchased, but it is not a state requirement for drivers. PIP is medical coverage that is additional to any coverage that can be pursued from negligent parties after an accident. It is excellent coverage for those who can work it into their budget, but it can be confusing and put you at odds with your own insurance company if needed, so be aware of how it applies.

Property Damage

Along with standard auto insurance, most of us also buy property damage coverage on our vehicles. This is to protect us in the event that our car is smashed in an auto accident. We need the money from the insurance settlement to get our vehicles repaired or replaced, depending on the extent of the vehicle damage. While it is often possible to pursue compensation for property damage from a negligent party following an accident, it is best for those with high-value or financed vehicles to carry coverage for their own vehicle when an accident could possibly result in no method of personal transportation.

Uninsured & Underinsured Car Insurance Claims

If we are in an accident with an uninsured or underinsured driver we expect our uninsured/underinsured insurance coverage to protect us.

Theft & Vandalism Car Insurance Claims

If our car is stolen or vandalized, we need to have it replaced or repaired.  If we have comprehensive insurance coverage we expect that we will be compensated by our insurance company when we make an auto insurance claim. If we have proper automobile insurance, we expect that we are protected if any of the above situations should occur. So, when we have an accident, or we are a victim of theft or vandalism, our insurance company is supposed to give us the peace of mind that our losses will be taken care of by the insurance company.

Auto Insurance Benefits Have Been Denied? We Are On Your Side

To protect its own financial interests, insurance companies will often undervalue or outright deny a legitimate car insurance claim. That leaves policyholders in a difficult position, not knowing whether to take action individually, with the help of an attorney, or to just walk away.

We represent clients whose auto insurance claims have been denied. Understanding that insurance policies involve two parties in a contractual relationship, Boris Davidovskiy, P.C. holds insurance companies accountable to their obligations.

Contact a Washington Auto Insurance Attorney

Unfortunately, all too frequently, insurance companies try to avoid their obligation to pay on valid auto insurance claims. Anyone in Washington or California who needs advice on their personal auto insurance policy should contact the Law Office of Boris Davidovskiy, P.C., your trusted Mountlake Terrace, Washington auto insurance attorney. And, if your automobile insurance company is giving you the runaround and has denied or underpaid your valid auto insurance claim, we may be able to help.